GP Bikes beta8 released. - 2016/2/18

fix: lean up and downhill
fix: improved rear suspension simulation
fix: maximum number of tyres sets
fix: manual rider tucking at any speed
new: primary ratio setup
new: fork offset setup
new: ride height setup
new: front master cylinder setup
new: water temperature analog gauge support
new: plugins track centerline position
new: default controller profiles support

GP Bikes beta7 released. - 2015/10/27

fix: brakes mass simulation
fix: drafting
fix: wet simulation
fix: pitboard during practice
fix: warmup free join
fix: reconnection during warmup and race
fix: data mismatch info
fix: dynamic track surface optimizations
fix: whitelist and blacklist update
fix: improved alpha mipmapping
fix: improved 3D grass rendering
new: engine torque reaction
new: event name
new: dedicated server save option
new: improved replay helmet cam
new: replay laps list
new: exhaust smoke
new: output plugins race data
new: possibility to disable a joystick input
new: replay orbit camera speed
new: knee collision
new: knee sliders sound
new: EdTracker support
new: Oculus Rift DK2 support

GP Bikes beta6 released. - 2014/10/28

fix: rider movement
fix: aerodynamic drag
fix: rolling resistance
fix: improved rider model
fix: improved rider animations
fix: improved 2D pitboard
fix: improved bike stand
fix: race length different for each category
fix: race classification
fix: reference lap time
fix: categories setup
fix: URL spaces
fix: pitch setting for the second onboard view
fix: first onboard view
fix: server location setup
fix: track animations
new: chassis flex
new: automatic rider lean override
new: laps race length option
new: ideal lap time
new: clients list in web server browser
new: helmet camera support
new: "photo" page
new: direct lean scale
new: ECU setting on track
new: ambient shadow

GP Bikes beta5 released. - 2014/6/20

fix: chain simulation
fix: rider movement
fix: low-speed stand
fix: tyre simulation
fix: settings from replay crash
fix: replay controls smooth
fix: free-roam camera start position
fix: paintable stand
new: gearbox preload
new: brakes control gain
new: gearbox graph
new: export track length
new: live timing category
new: multiple categories
new: analog speed gauge support
new: rain light support
new: bike info
new: track sounds support
new: camera sets surface
new: plugins racedata
new: reflection add shader
new: suit paint
new: password page

GP Bikes beta4 released. - 2013/12/15

fix: brakes simulation
fix: slipstream
fix: bike reset
fix: direct connection category mismatch
fix: crash when going to track for a race
fix: send setup changed to share setup
fix: flagman
fix: admin page
fix: xml export
fix: penalties export
fix: free camera speed controls
fix: alpha sort
new: gearbox engine cutoff support
new: gearbox preload support
new: helmet model change option
new: helmet paint support
new: riding styles support
new: dedicated server chat
new: plugins track centerline
new: race start sound
new: setup export
new: replay camera controls setting
new: track help disable option
new: framerate cap
new: autobrake disable option
new: cockpit info disable option

GP Bikes beta3 released. - 2013/4/21

fix: clutch simulation
fix: crash on track holes
fix: "data mismatch" bug
fix: pause / resume bugs
fix: raindrops on visor
fix: track list sorted by name
fix: "max ping" warning
new: adjustable swingarm pivot
new: adjustable forks oil level
new: direct steer angle option
new: blacklist
new: jpeg screenshots

GP Bikes beta2 released. - 2013/3/4

fix: calibration crash
fix: input dead-zone
fix: "sticky" buttons assign
fix: calibration lost when a controller is disconnected
fix: paused input and face tracking
fix: results, replay and restart at the end of the last session
fix: multi-line MOTD
fix: master server disconnection
fix: race classification
fix: reset bug
fix: freelook tilt
fix: smooth and deadzone and linearity heading
fix: pit status
fix: restore tyre wear state after a reconnection
fix: possibility to set client port
fix: chat color
new: xml export
new: live timing
new: white list
new: input plugins support
new: kinect face tracking
new: GUID
new: results end race
new: plugins draw
new: rain occluders
new: direct-steer option
new: track animations
new: fixed cockpit view
new: pause / resume dedicated server event
new: possibility to disable polls

GP Bikes beta1 - 2012/6/30
GP Bikes beta1 released.